Kyanite & Pearls


Kyanite is derived from the Greek word kyanos which means blue — and this is an amazing blue. I once had the opportunity to walk through a glacier. They had drilled a people-sized tunnel into the depths of this ancient block of ice. Walking into it, the ice around the mouth began light blue, then became this amazingly intense blue before turning gray as we walked further into the places where the sun couldn’t reach us. Kyanite is the closest I’ve ever seen to the various tints and shades of blue in that glacier. The crystalline structure of the gem reminds me of shards of ice and frost in winter. It’s simply gorgeous.

This necklace is made of coin-shaped kyanite and deep blue pearls with sterling accents. The pendant and clasp area of the chain is set off by small Swarovski crystals.

Necklace Length: 17 1/4 inches (44.5 cm.)
Earrings Length: 1 1/2 inches (4 cm.)

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