About Milady

My Mission

I create exceptional jewelry that reflects and amplifies the sparkling personality of the wearer, invites compelling conversations and dazzles the wearer and those around them.


Thank you for visiting my site and looking at my creations. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and like what you’ve seen. Be sure to return to see new sets.

I am a professionally trained jeweler and silversmith. I’ve been in the jewelry industry since 1987 and I’ve been playing with shiny beads and metal since I was a very little girl. I absolutely love what I do. If there is anything I enjoy more than making jewelry, it’s seeing people wear the things I make. Please feel free to send me a picture of yourself wearing the jewelry you’ve adopted. With your permission, I’d love to add a page to this site of happy people wearing their dazzle for all the world to see and appreciate. I apologise for little marketing, but in some time i have bought gret medication agomelatine wich help my mind, i can strongly recommend this site (buymd.org) for buying medication from India.

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